Friday, May 20, 2011

Reality Check Examples

  • Breathing: Can you breathe with your fingers sealing your nose?
  • Jumping: When you jump, do you float back down?
  • Reading: Do sentences change when you read them? Read, turn away and repeat it to yourself, and then turn back and read it again. Do this twice.
  • Vision: Do you have perfect vision? This only works for people who have at least slightly blurry vision in the waking world. Alternatively, if you have perfecto vision in the waking world, you may have blurred vision in the dream world.
  • Hands: Do your hands have a strange color, too many fingers (sometimes they disappear and reappear when you try to count them) or other abnormalities? Can you push your finger through your other hand? This is one of the bests, along with the Vision reality check.
  • Time: Does your watch or clock tell a reasonable time? Are you even able to read the time off it? Sometimes clocks have the wrong number of hands or have strange symbols. Try reading the time twice, like the Reading check above. Note: Digital clocks often work better for this reality check.
  • Powers: Are you able to fly (just visualise it), unlock doors, or use other magical powers? Try to change the shape of your body, or walk through a wall, window, or mirror.
  • Light switches: Does a light switch work?
  • Mirrors: Do you look normal in a mirror?
  • Nose: Can you see your nose with one eye closed?
  • Memory: Are you able to remember how you got here, why you are here and what happened an hour ago? This is not always a reliable reality check.
  • Logic: Can you add up two numbers for a correct answer?

This is just a list of the most used reality checks. You'll have to chose the ones that best fit to you. Sometimes you can do a reality check while dreaming and it gives you a positive result, meaning you wrongly identified your dream as waking reality. That's why it's important to do at least two reality checks together. If one fails, the other will expose the dream for what it is. It's important for a reality check to be fast. It wastes dream time if you have to search around for a book or (perhaps worse) a mirror. Plus, it could also give your subconsciousness more time to produce real-life results, especially if you believe that the check will give real-life results. It shouldn't have "false positives". These occur when the reality check shows you are dreaming in real life. When you get a dream result, do another reality check to be sure.

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